Previous Monthly Programs


January                   Blogging for Sharing Family History Stories  Craig Siulinski

February                 City Directories  Pamela Brigham

March                      Lies, Lies, & More Lies: Can DNA Solve My Parental Lineage  Jeff Vaillant





August                       No Meeting in August




December                 No meeting in December


January                   The Slave Narrative that Freed Me: How I found William Grimes       Regina Mason

February                  Who's in Your Neighborhood? Meeting the Diverse Research Needs of Your Community   Linda Harms Okazaki

March                       Making a Family Video to Share  Dr. Jan Joyce Ahrens

April                          English Probate and Death Duty Records    Christine Bell Green PLCGS

May                           The Streets of Menlo Park   Bo Crane

June                           Ireland Online  Cath Madden Trindle

July                            Round Table Discussions - Organizing Your Genealogical Research, Using Online Genealogical Software (e.g., FamilySearch, My Heritage), Using Maps in Genealogy, Irish/British/Scottish/Welsh Research

August                       No Meeting in August

September                Researching Your Civil War Ancestors  Mary Boyle

October                    A Year in Salem: The Witchcraft Crisis of 1692  Gay Scott

November                Prohibition  Ray Cosyn

December                 No meeting in December


January                   Onomastics – Using Naming Patterns                                Martha Wallace

February                  The Missing Man: Solving a Mystery with Genealogy           Sharon Hoyt CGSM

March                    Case Study: A complete genealogy starting from nothing       Stephen Morse
April                      British Genealogy on the Internet                                             Christine Bell Green
May                       Sharing Stories                                                                         Hosted by Cath Trindle
June                      The Berryessa Family: A California Legacy                             Anthony Ray

July                        SMCGS 35th Anniversary

                              The Lives of the Clagstones                                                     Glenne McElhinney

August                   Indexing SMC Obituaries

September             Focused Research: Using Research Plans                            Lisa Gorrell

October                  Using Maps in Genealogical Research                                   Melina Kashuba

November              Members Round Table: DNA, Finding Females, Photo Organization, Writing Family Stories, and SMC First Families.


January               United States Land Records                           Martha Wallace

February              Transcribing Old Documents                         Richard Rands

March                   JRI-Poland: Go for the Record!                     Robbinn Magid

April                      Genealogical Proof Standard                       Sharon Hoyt

May                       Lost Cemeteries of San Mateo County         Margaret Melaney

June                      "The Story of Camp Fremont"                          Barbara Wilcox

July                       Immigration to the U.S. before 1820              Chris Green

August                  Indexing Event                                               workday

September            "The Life and Times of Dennis Martin"          Bo Crane

October                  SMCGS/CSGA joint meeting                        Janice Sellers/Cath Trindle

November              Roundtable.  Irish, Mid West, DNA, and Book Publishing


January             Immigration Records                                       Ralph Mize

February            Finding your ancestors on ebay                     Evie Rice

March                 23andMe                                                        Kasia Bryc

April                   The Great Pacific Railroad Survey - 1853-1855         John Gleed

May                    Wyatt Earp,  Josephine Marcus, and Hills of Eternity Memorial Park    Mike Casey 

June                   Using directories                                             Chris Green

July                    What's new at FamilySearch                          Margaret Melaney

September         Peripatetic Germans                                       James Baker

October              Members' Night

November           Family & Homes /19th C.American West       Nicole Martin



January                 DNA                                                              Steve Morse

February               Organizing your research                              Patricia Burrow

March                    English Research after 1750                        John Gleed

April                       Heritage Societies                                        various societies

May                        Hispanic Heritage                                        Lucy Sweeney

June                       Angel Island Immigration                             Grant Din

July                         Reading Old Tombstones                            Martha Wallace

September              Becoming Prof. Genealogist                       Chris Green

October                   Brick Wall Challenge                                   SMCGS members

November               Breakouts (Member’s Day)                          English, Irish, New England, DNA