Local Genealogy Classes

Genealogy Classes in the Central Peninsula
Listed below you will find links to some of the local Genealogy Classes. 

Local Genealogy Classes – Please check each offering organization for current classes and schedules; schedules may be affected by the pandemic.

Intermediate Genealogy: Palo Alto Adult School Wednesdays 12.30-3pm
Location: Greendell School Room P3 http://www.paadultschool.org
Instructor: Christine Bell Green PLCGS

Prerequisite: Beginning Genealogy or 1 year Genealogy research experience.

Do you have brick walls in your family history or ancestors you know little about? Learn to research using a broad cross-section of genealogical records and extract all the information from them, use the Internet effectively and become skilled at inferential genealogy. We maximize our efficiency by organizing our research better and sharing helpful tips. We write stories that will interest our families.  Field trip is included.


Intermediate/Advanced Genealogy: Mountain View-Los Altos Adult School Mondays 1:00-3:30 pm 
Location: Mountain View/Los Altos Adult School room 107, 333 Moffett Road, Mountain View http://www.mvla.net/MVLA_Adult_Education
Instructor: Christine Bell Green PLCGS

Break through your brick walls and solve complex genealogical problems using a broad cross-section of genealogical records. Become skilled at inferential genealogy.


Trinity Monday Genealogy Club (Intermediate/Advanced) Mondays 10-12am
Instructor: Margaret Melaney

This is a participatory class where students learn about genealogy from each other by sharing their techniques, hints, and discoveries.  There is also have a class blog.  Students should be experienced in doing independent research, and will be expected to actively engage in class discussions.  Topics are decided during the first session based on class input.
The class meets every week from September to late May, with a short break in December.  Fees are set by the class members.  Last year it was $75 membership for the year.  
For more  information, please contact margaretmelaney@gmail.com  

Family History – The Next Step (mainly intermediate level), Thursdays 8:45 am-11:15 am 
Location: San Mateo Adult School/SMART Center, 789 East Poplar Avenue, San Mateo
Instructor:  Inge Harding-Barlow    Find out more on Inge's site at www.genealogyLearning.com

Call the adult school for information about classes 650-558-2100    Register in person, by mail or at the first class meeting.     Website https://sanmateoadulted.org


Library Drop-In at Atherton Library   On hold during construction

If you are interested in any of these local genealogy classes, please check out the websites listed for upcoming classes and schedules.